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                GSPC Group

                The world over the energy sector is undergoing major changes. Most of which are demographical as well as geographical.

                The GSPC group is fully aware of a changing graph in the power business and has evolved strategically as a multidimensional highly integrated conglomerate and a leading energy enterprise. The group spearheads the energy business in the state of Gujarat and works relentlessly in its key endeavour of developing the state into a futuristic power based economy.

                Over the last few years the GSPC Group has characteristically been responsible for several milestones in the hydrocarbon sector and has successfully redefined the E & P (exploration and production) scenario in the country.

                The GSPC Group companies collectively enjoy a presence in both the upstream and downstream segments of the energy value chain - Starting from exploration and production, gas transmission, city gas distribution, power generation and even information technology.

                A complete energy conglomerate, the GSPC Group is working actively to realize the vision of developing Gujarat as a natural gas driven economy. Along the way, the Group has notched several milestones that have become important landmarks in India's energy scene.

                To know more about GSPC Group, please visit... www.gspcgroup.com