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                Stock Information

                Share Transfer Agents

                Karvy Computershare Private Limited ("Karvy") is the share transfer agent for physical segment. And also acts as the depository registrar for establishing connectivity with NSDL and CDSL for demat segment. Karvy uses computerised share transfer system for processing transfer of equity shares.

                Shareholders are requested to send their share transfer and all other queries and requests related to matters viz., transfer, transmission, change of name/address/signature, transfer/transmission/transposition, nomination, dividend, registration of mandate / Power of Attorney, replacement/split/consolidation of share certificate / demat / remat of shares, issue of duplicate certificates etc. to Karvy Computershare Private Limited at the following address

                Karvy Computershare Private Limited

                Plot no. 17 to 24,
                Vittalrao Nagar, Madhapur,
                Hyderabad - 500 081

                Phone: 040-23420818 / 23420828
                Fax: 040- 23420814

                Dematerialisation of shares and liquidity

                Equity shares of the Company can be traded in electronic form only by all the investors. Its equity shares are regularly traded and are listed on the following Stock Exchanges

                Name of the Stock Exchange Scrip Code
                Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Limited 20860
                Bombay Stock Exchange Limited 523477
                National Stock Exchange of India Limited GUJRATGAS
                Vadodara Stock Exchange Limited 23477