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                PNG - Industrial

                What is PNG?

                Natural Gas is mainly Methane - CH4 with a small percentage of other higher hydrocarbons. The ratio of Carbon to Hydrogen is least in Methane and hence it burns almost completely making it very environment friendly. It is procured from the oil / gas wells and transported through a network of pipelines.

                PNG (Piped Natural Gas) is the natural gas supplied through mild steel (MS) and polyethylene (PE) pipelines to cater to the natural gas demand of customers in various segments, i.e. Domestic / Commercial & Non - Commercial / Industrial segments.

                Industrial Customers

                Industrial customers comprises of those natural gas customers who need natural gas for their industrial setups. They use piped natural gas mainly as a source of energy for many industry specific processes. Natural gas is mainly used in industrial applications like heating, cooling, power, processes and manufacturing. The company is supplying PNG to over 4200 industrial customers (as on 30/09/2021) across its operating locations.

                The table below showcases the Industrial areas covered by the company:


                • Amreli
                • Rajkot
                • Jamnagar
                • Bhavnagar
                • Botad
                • Surendranagar
                • Morbi
                • Thangadh
                • Limbadi
                • Bhuj

                Central Gujarat

                • Vaso
                • Gandhinagar
                • CHANDKHEDA-AHMEDABAD
                • Halol
                • Nadiad
                • Khambhat
                • Petlad
                • Kheda
                • Mahemdabad
                • Mahudha

                South Gujarat

                • Pardi
                • Surat
                • Ankleshwar
                • Bharuch
                • Tapi
                • Vapi
                • Umargam
                • Bhilad
                • Sarigam
                • Bilimora
                • Valsad
                • Dharampur
                • Navsari
                • Hazira