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                Scheme Details & Terms and Conditions

                Sr. No. Particulars Charges
                A A Initial registration charges (Sr.No.1 + 2 ) Rs.854/-
                Gas Consumption Deposit (Refundable)
                Stamp duty charges (Non-refundable)
                B Daily Rental (Non-refundable) Rs.1/- Per day (Perpetuity)

                *Stamp charges will vary from State to State
                as per the applicable stamp act.

                • Daily Rental of Rs.1/- per day shall be charged and reflect in bi-monthly gas invoice over and above gas consumption charges or other contractual charges as the case may be.
                • Customer has to pay Rs. 500/- as a Gas Consumption Security Deposit (Refundable) and applicable stamp duty charges at the time of registration, and Daily Rental shall be charged in perpetuity.
                • This scheme is applicable to new domestic customers only and existing Gujarat Gas Ltd. customers are not eligible to enroll or switch to this scheme.
                • This scheme is available only for new customers accessible on the already laid network by Gujarat Gas Ltd. as on 30.09.2020. For further details and clarification, please contact our nearest Gujarat Gas Ltd. office.