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                It is mandatory for all bidders to upload all documents/ supporting for qualification as per Bidders Qualification Criteria (BQC) on n-procure portal. Failing which, Bidder would be disqualified, as Gujarat Gas Limited (GGL) would not entertain any document not uploaded on n-procure portal, at a later date.

                To access the open tenders published at (n)Procure portal, please click here.

                Steps to access N-Procure portal thru Gujarat Gas (GGL) website click here .

                You may contact n-Code Solutions customer support on any of the following details for registration process.

                Website: https://www.nprocure.com/
                Fax: +91-79-40007533;
                E-mail: nprocure@ncode.in; support@ncodesolutions.com
                Toll Free Number: 1-800-419-4632
                Helpdesk Number: +91-079-26857316 / 17/18

                Vendor Tender